Allies celebrates nursing staff throughout Nurses Week 2024

Allies celebrated the incredible nurses who make the work we do possible in recognition of Nurses Week.

As part of Allies’ weeklong celebration of our nursing staff, Allies nurses from all over the state were invited to a catered luncheon and award ceremony.

“Without the nursing staff, I don’t know where we would be,” Michael Haggerty, MS, CEO of Allies, said. “We just could not do what we do without you.”

As part of the celebration, Allies honored three “Nurse of the Year” recipients. The three winners were Irene Roberts, LPN, Elia- Charles Dorsainvil, LPN, and Terrin Clark, LPN.

“This is certainly not a profession where you wake up one day and decide that this is what you want to do,” Haggerty said. “This is in your blood.”

In addition to the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the winners of the “Nurse of the Year” award, Allies also took the opportunity to recognize a new Allies nurse who has had a large impact across the organization. Allies recognized Mignon Peterson, LPN, as the organization’s first nursing “Rookie of the Year.”

“Mignon, you have really been a breath of fresh air,” Shynaqua Jarvis, vice president of residential services, said. “You do everything to the very best of your ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Throughout the week, Allies nurses were invited to participate in fun activities intended to help them foster connection amongst their team as well as hone their knowledge of the nursing profession. Some fun surprises were also distributed toward the end of the week’s activities.

“The exceptional nurses of Allies work tirelessly each day to ensure the best health outcomes for those we serve,” Dawn King, BSN, vice president of integrated healthcare at Allies, said.