Support Services

Community Inclusion and Recreation

At Allies, we believe in caring for the “whole” individual and promoting community inclusion. This means that along with supporting individuals’ daily living needs, we strive to provide opportunities for them to learn, grow, socialize, and connect with each other and the community.

In addition to our Day Habilitation services we enrich the lives of people with special needs through the coordination of a variety of social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities and outings. These activities foster an active lifestyle, create a more fulfilling life for adults and children with IDD, and support their physical, mental and emotional health.

Highlights of our activities and events include:

  • Our Halloween Spooktacular Event – featuring a costume parade and lunch
  • A Christmas event with dinner, dancing, a DJ, and a visit from Santa
  • Trips to live sporting events such as baseball and football games and wrestling matches
  • Exciting shows such as Medieval Times, Cirque du Soleil, concerts, and ice skating performances
  • Trips to the Jersey shore, boardwalks, aquariums, zoos, amusement and water parks
  • Dining experiences at local restaurants and movies at the cinema

Social and Advocacy Groups

Each month, Allies hosts social and advocacy group meetings at our administrative office and local community rooms. These gatherings bring individuals served throughout the state together to socialize, share their thoughts and ideas, and brainstorm solutions to challenges. Attendees enjoy a dinner, followed by an engaging creative project, such as making art or a special craft.

Share the Joy

During the winter holidays, Allies engages communities throughout New Jersey to help make the season brighter for those we serve through our “Share the Joy” campaign.

This digital gift-giving campaign ensures that all of the individuals served by Allies receive a gift for the holiday. Through our “Share the Joy” website, gift givers can sign up to purchase a gift for a resident at Allies’ that is delivered to them on Christmas Day. Each year we deliver over 600 gifts to individuals thanks to the support of friends, families, businesses, places of worship, and other partners in the community.

For more information contact Loretta Rarrick, Director of Community Outreach, at 609-689-0136 x6028 or at

In-Home Support

The support that Allies offers is not only focused on the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), but also on the needs of their family. We recognize that at times parents and guardians require assistance in caring for their loved ones, so that they can better manage the many facets of their busy lives.

Allies offers in-home support for adult individuals with IDD, 21 years and older, living with their families or in other unlicensed settings. Support is tailored to the unique needs of each individual and family. Day, evening, and weekend support is available.

Services may include support with:

  • Preparing meals and assisting an individual as they eat
  • Providing companionship in the home
  • Accompanying an individual to a social or recreational outing

In-home support must be approved through a family’s Support Coordinator, who evaluates an individual’s needs based on their Individual Service Plan.

For more information, please contact Phil Monetti, Chief Operating Officer, at or 609-689-0136 x 7334.

Health Services at Allies, Inc.

Supporting the Whole Individual Through Integrated Healthcare

At Allies, we are dedicated to supporting the “whole” individual – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. We achieve this through a population health management approach that integrates our nursing and behavioral support services, allowing us to offer gold star healthcare to those we serve.

Our team-based, holistic approach to care improves health outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), reduces the cost of care provided, and helps individuals reach their highest potential at home, at work, while at their day habilitation programs, and while enjoying activities within the community.

Healthcare Coordination

Promoting and protecting the health of those with IDD is paramount to our mission. Our program and nursing teams strive to ensure that those we care for have access to medical care that meets their unique needs, including preventative services, primary care, and specialty care services. We coordinate visits to medical providers and advocate on behalf of individuals to help ensure the delivery of safe, appropriate and effective care. Our teams also educate and support individuals so that they can play an active role in maintaining their own health and well-being.

Home-Based Healthcare and Advanced Support

For individuals with more advanced healthcare needs, Allies offers nine Medical Group Homes. Our Medical Group Homes provide customized medical care for those with IDD and are staffed by nurses and program staff that are highly skilled and trained in medical and behavioral crisis management. Residents of these homes are able to enjoy the comforts and security of a natural, home-like environment, while receiving the medical care and special support that they need to stay healthier, live longer and age in place.

Behavioral Support Services

Approximately 40 percent of individuals who have a diagnosis of IDD also have a mental illness and/or behavioral challenges. To support the needs of this population, Allies has a team of dedicated Behavior Specialists that work with individuals to provide interventions that transform challenging behavior into constructive and adaptive behaviors that improve the quality of their lives. Each individual receives a personal assessment and customized support and treatment plans based on their particular behavior, personality, and goals.

To learn more about our integrated health services, including our medical group homes, please click on the links below.

Medical and Nursing Support

Behavioral Support

Please contact us with any questions you may have:

Medical and Nursing Support

Dawn King, Vice President of Integrated Health Services
609-689-0136 x 4712

Behavioral Support Services

Dr. Christine Walker, Director of Behavioral Health Services
609-689-0136 x 3099