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“I have worked for Allies for over 20 years and I appreciate all of the training and education that they provide to their employees. They really give you the tools needed to succeed at understanding and working with people with disabilities. You learn how to identify their strengths, maneuver behaviors, focus on their capabilities and help them grow. The skills and guidance that I have received here have also helped me grow in my everyday life as well.”
Deresa Thomas, Community Support Staff

“I enjoy working at Allies because I truly feel like they invest in me as an employee. I participated in Allies’ New Horizons Essential Managerial Skills Program, and I was overjoyed to experience opportunities to develop my skills and learn more. My colleagues are incredible and I feel respected and valued. In addition, I love my position because I look forward to mentoring and guiding those we serve; and helping them unleash their true potential each day.”
Anthony Visco, Support Manager

“I love being a CSS because I feel like I’m making a difference in the lives of individuals of various backgrounds and status. I enjoy working for Allies because they celebrate diversity, they are always growing, and they value accountability and honesty.”
Mohamed Siddiqui, Community Support Staff

“I enjoy being a CSS because I love to help others. I love educating them and connecting with them. My favorite part is seeing how the individuals I support evolve. It’s a great feeling to know that because I believed in them, and gave them important skills and tools, that they were able to transform their lives and become more independent.”
Mattie Byrd, Community Support Staff

“I like working for Allies because my team members are supportive of each other, we communicate well and share a strong work ethic. My job has helped me grow personally and professionally too. I’ve learned how to work with different personalities, become more adaptable and disciplined. These are things that I can apply in all parts of my daily life.”
Madeline Pichardo, Community Support Staff

“I love and appreciate the opportunities that working at Allies has given me. They help me meet my goal of making a difference in someone’s life, making them smile, and feel they are not alone. It’s a privilege to be there for those we serve. I look forward to the activities and events that I get to plan that bring individuals together. The laughter and smiles that I experience makes my work worth it and I enjoy every second of it.”
Aimee Vulcan, Support Manager

“I enjoy my job because I’m able to help people. It’s a privilege to help my clients with their needs; and to work together with a group of people that are like a big family.”
Esther Eliscar, Community Support Staff

“I find being a CSS rewarding because I like having a positive impact on others and helping them meet their goals. It’s like becoming a part of their family.”
Danielle Comer, Community Support Staff

“I enjoy making a difference in individuals’ lives and being part of their progress and achievements. It is such a rewarding experience and brings me so much joy.”
Damaris Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Residential Supports


“I enjoy working in this field because I enjoy helping others and improving their lives. Seeing those we serve laugh and participate in activities that they never had access to before moves me and brings me a lot of joy. I appreciate working for Allies because I am supported by managers who are understanding, caring, and professional. I also have time off to spend with my own family. I feel thankful for this opportunity to impact lives by demonstrating how much I care each day.”
Courtney Teta, Lead Community Integration Support Staff

“I began working with Allies as a Community Integration Support Staff member. I have increased my knowledge and developed my skill set and have moved upward into a day program management position. I enjoy providing services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It brings me such joy to support them in developing new skills or discovering new areas of interest. I’m passionate about working with my staff to create and facilitate curriculum that helps those we serve remain active, social, and creative. I look forward to growing more within this field so I can continue providing the highest level of care and support to our individuals within our day program and beyond.”
Jaime White, Director of Vocational Services

“I enjoy working as a CISS because I feel like I make a difference in individuals’ lives. Every day I get a chance to be a role model for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”
Renee Davis, Community Integration Support Staff

“Allies is a wonderful company to work for. They always see the potential in their staff and want them to succeed in accomplishing their goals. I enjoy being an Employment Specialist. I like helping those we serve with resumes, job searches, develop social skills and preparing them for job interviews. It’s a good feeling to help them become more independent, achieve their goals, and enjoy life in their communities.”
Salvador Diaz, Employment Specialist


“I enjoy working as an LPN because I love solving problems, helping people, and witnessing their progression – big or small. I like working for Allies because it’s a structured workplace where you can grow within the company and your opinion matters. I prefer it over working at a nursing home or hospital because I can spend more time with each person I serve and give them more attention without feeling hurried.”
Taciea Sassafras, LPN, Regional Support Nurse

“I love being a Behavior Specialist at Allies because I get to be a part of a team of experienced and empathetic clinicians who understand how to apply best practices in a practical and creative way. No matter what department I find myself working with, every team member is supportive and uplifting, with a shared vision for providing quality support for the individuals we serve.”
Cara Choplin, Behavior Specialist

“I’ve been with Allies for 13 years. I started out as a CSS then studied to become an LPN. I worked my way up to an LPN Assistant Manager, LPN Manager and I am now a Regional Support Nurse. I appreciated the opportunities I had to grow at Allies once I obtained my nursing license. I enjoy my job because I have a passion for the population we serve. Some of our individuals have complex medical needs and as a nurse, I do my best to advocate for the best medical care for individuals who are historically underserved.”
Laurie Morgan, LPN, Regional Support Nurse

“It is great to work as a team with my fellow Behavior Specialists at Allies to collaborate and provide outstanding care for our individuals. The support the team provides one another makes a great difference in our ability to help improve individuals’ quality of life. I have been given many amazing opportunities such as attending the Applied Behavior Analysis International Conference and continuing my education. Allies is such an enjoyable place to work and grow.”
Erika Mecchella, Behavior Specialist

“I love working as a Behavior Specialist at Allies because it gives me the opportunity to fulfill my passion for working with those in need. This position is truly rewarding as it allows me to be creative when planning strategies to change behavior, and once implemented, I get to see the improvements in those we serve. I love working here because every person that I’ve met has been friendly and supportive. This organization is very family-like and it feels great to be a part of it.”
Laura Scholey, Behavior Specialist

“Growing up I always knew I wanted a career that would be rewarding, involve teaching and helping people, and allow me to be creative. Being a Behavior Specialist allows me to do just that. Within my position I research interventions, make them specific to each individual’s needs, create materials, and teach fellow staff how to use these tools in everyday settings. I have formed a connection with every individual I work with and the best part is seeing them flourish. Another thing I thoroughly enjoy about working at Allies Inc. is being a part of a team of people who have the same goal: to improve the lives of the individuals we support.”
Nicole Santoloci, Behavior Specialist


“Working with Allies has been more than just an occupation; it has fulfilled my hopes and dreams. I began as a Support Manager and I’ve worked my way up to an Executive Director. To know I am making a difference in someone’s life brings joy to my heart. Allies is like a family that comes together to fulfill and uphold the core values and mission of the agency. Allies stands by their employees, respects them, supports them, and helps them grow.”
Shynaqua Jarvis, Executive Director

“Allies is a company that shows appreciation for their staff. They welcome staff growth and support their development. They also encourage staff to pursue opportunities for advancement.”
Lorriana Dix, Executive Director


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