About Allies

Allies, Inc. is a leading New Jersey nonprofit agency dedicated to supporting youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in achieving their highest level of independence. Allies accomplishes this through comprehensive programs and services designed to meet the specialized needs and goals of each person we support.

Our History

Allies, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the purpose of finding the best homes and providing the highest quality of support services to enhance the physical, social, and emotional lives of people with special needs. Since then, we’ve grown from two volunteers to a vibrant organization with over 1,000 employees dedicated to helping people with special needs live as independently as possible and achieve their dreams. Allies continues to evolve to meet the needs of those we serve, while holding steadfast to our core values.

How We Make a Difference

Our compassionate, caring, and innovative staff work one-on-one with families to design assistance plans that meet individuals’ specific needs and goals. Allies takes great pride in creating programs that are as individualized and unique as the people we serve. We strive to support the “whole person” by providing pathways to independence through our tailored support services.

Supports include:

  • Residential services such as in-home care and support
  • Housing including group homes and supervised apartments
  • Health services including medical, nursing, and behavioral support
  • Vocational services that provide individuals with the skills to find and maintain meaningful employment
  • Day habilitation and recreational programs that offer individuals the opportunity to enrich their lives and actively engage in their local communities

We invite you to learn more about our programs and services on our website, and to call us at 609-689-0136 if you have any questions.

We welcome the opportunity to help make a difference in your life, or the life of your loved one.