Allies Supported Employment Services Surpass Major Milestone

Allies recently passed the milestone of serving more than 100 people through supported employment services, and program leaders are eager to continue expanding with the goal of helping even more people achieve gainful employment.

“It means a lot to reach this point,” Luke Washack, senior director of vocational services at Allies, said. “I definitely view the 100-persons served mark as a milestone.”

Washack oversees the progress of Allies’ supported employment services. Since it’s reintroduction in 2022, supported employment services have been introduced in nine counties throughout New Jersey.

When a person is referred to receive supported employment services through Allies, they first meet with a team of employment specialists. During this pre-placement phase, the person’s team creates a complete vocational profile, including skills and interest inventories to make sure potential placements are a good fit. The goal of the supported employment services is to match the current job market with the interest and skills of those seeking employment services.

Services are person centered and may look differently from person to person. As the person progresses different services are given. Following placement, employment specialists provide intensive job coaching. This intensive coaching is replaced by long-term follow along, Washack said.

“We want to support the people to have the best possible chance in achieving their employment goal as we are assist them during the hiring process,” Washack said. Achieving gainful employment can be a meaningful achievement for those seeking employment services. Any person who has the goal of achieving employment should have the opportunity to pursue and achieve that goal, Washack said.

Allies-offered supported employment services are available in counties throughout New Jersey, but the program is always expanding. According to Washack, there are plans to expand supported employment services into Hunterdon, Camden and Atlantic counties. In addition to New Jersey, Allies offers supported employment services in Delaware.

“We are honored to be welcomed by Delaware in order to provide these services,” Washack said. I think our presence in Delaware shows the strength of our commitment in providing increased access to supported employment services.”