Allies introduces a new way to celebrate and recognize employees

Allies recently introduced GameChanger, a platform that allows staff to celebrate and recognize accomplishments from their team and across the agency.

The new platform allows certain members of Allies leadership to conveniently send meaningful tokens of appreciation to members of their team. Users are able to send “eCards,” which include a digital card and a customized message, as well as “Instant Awards.” Instant awards include the mentioned elements of the eCard, plus a monetary value of $3, $5, or $10.

“We are ecstatic to be able to empower Allies staff members throughout the state to recognize positive interactions and jobs well-done,” Erich Martin, director of communications at Allies, Inc., said. “We have already seen staff throughout the state taking advantage of this positive, uplifting platform. I am excited to see how GameChanger develops in the coming months and years.”

The platform is more than a way to send money for a job well-done, however. GameChanger also acts as a central hub to help staff members stay connected to everything going on at Allies. In addition to the recognition aspect, GameChanger also includes a collection of employee resources.

Allies employees can use the portal to find information regarding employee benefits, including health and dental insurance assistance, the employee assistance program, and day care and tuition benefits.

In addition to acting as a gateway to important benefit information, a blog section will be updated regularly with information from various departments in the agency.

Since the official launch in May, GameChanger members have sent more than 300 pieces of recognition to colleagues.

GameChanger gives us the opportunity to recognize each other in a timely, genuine manner,” Michael Haggerty, CEO of Allies Inc., said. “I’m certain that as our collective use of this platform increases, it will become a part of the Allies fabric.”