Allies staff take advantage of educational benefits

Educational partnerships with colleges and universities throughout New Jersey empower Allies staff to take the next step of their learning journeys while receiving support and guidance from mentors in the workplace.

Recently, Laurie Morgan, MS, LPN, a regional support nurse for Allies, earned a masters degree in clinical psychology from Capella University.

“I really think it is excellent that we have these benefits,” Morgan said. “It is great to work somewhere where they genuinely care about your professional development and well-being.”

Morgan has been a longstanding member of the Allies team. She has worked with Allies for 15 years. Of those, 12 have been spent in nursing roles. In that time, leadership has been supportive of Morgan’s efforts through nursing school and through completion of her recent degree.

“At Allies, we believe in investing in our employees’ personal and professional growth,” Theresa Wilson-Fall, MA, MS, the employee development specialist and career navigator at Allies, said. “We understand that continuous learning is essential for both individual development and the success of our agency as a whole.”

“By providing tuition assistance, educational partnerships, and internal educational programs, we aim to empower our employees to expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and achieve their career goals,” Wilson-Fall said.

Allies offers educational perks and benefits for employees throughout the state. Currently, Allies partners with 13 universities and colleges throughout New Jersey and beyond.

Most partnering programs include virtual and in-person options regarding attendance. In addition, Berkeley College, Capella University, DeVry University, LaSalle University, Purdue University Global Campus, Rowan College at Burlington County and Shippensburg University also extend benefit eligibility to immediate family.

In addition to education benefits, Allies partners with several day care centers to offer discounts on childcare.

“By providing discounted child care, we aim to assist our employees to balance their professional responsibilities with their family commitments more easily,” Wilson-Fall said. “This support contributes to a healthier work-life balance by reducing stress and providing peace of mind, knowing that their children are well cared for while they are at work.”

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