Project Grow gears up for spring

By: MaryAnne McMillan, HTR

Although spring is yet to officially arrive, the Project Grow team is hard at work planning and preparing for the warmer weather ahead! Winter sowing and education around the importance of companion planting have been the recent focus as everyone eagerly awaits the warming weather.

Our winter activities at Allies day programs have included winter sowing of seeds in containers which are then placed outside and germinate as the temperatures warm up. It is very exciting for our individuals to see the seeds sprout. With spring approaching, these tiny plants will be the first to go into our gardens.  Some of these early crops include lettuce, spinach, and arugula.

Next, our plan is to incorporate companion planting in our gardens. This method reduces pests in the gardens and attracts beneficial insects.  It is a great way to show how important it is to be a good companion, whether in the individual’s day programs or in Allies residential spaces where our individuals live.

One good example of companion planting is planting basil with tomatoes- they like each other!  One hope is that our individuals will benefit from this and be good companions to each other.

Spring will arrive on March 19, and everyone who is part of Project Grow can’t wait see what sprouts in our gardens, and yours.