Mt. Holly Day program offers close-knit community

Supporting participants to achieve greater levels of community integration and independence is just one of Allies’ goals, and the Mt. Holly Day program is perfectly situated to assist attendees as they soar to new heights.

Situated downtown, Mt. Holly Day has offered day habilitation services to people living in Mt. Holly and the surrounding areas since its opening in 2007. Consisting of a main room, kitchen space, computer rooms and an instruction space for musical performances and lessons, the day program offers eclectic spaces for unique experiences every day.

“I like that it is an intimate setting,” Ashley Bussey, the program manager for the Mt. Holly Day Program, said. “I love being part of teaching our folks things and being a part of their growth.”

Many of the individuals attending the Mt. Holly Day Program have attended for a considerable length of time. As a result, the program has cultivated an inclusive and familial atmosphere in the center.

Every Monday and Friday, the staff and attendees of the Mt. Holly Day program have coffee socials where they can share what they did for the weekend, things they are excited for in the upcoming week, or any big plans they are excited about. The smaller setting and fewer numbers of participants set the center up as one perfectly positioned for small group interactions and plenty of one-on-one time.

However, the location makes it very easy for participants to get out and engage with the local community as well.

“They just love to meet the different people around town and in the different businesses,” Bussey said. Several times each week the group will go out and about. A local grocery store and pizza restaurant are regular stops, but a local coffee shop and parks are also well-represented in the group’s calendar.

“Being downtown, we have easy access to all kinds of local activities,” Jaime White, director of the Mt. Holly and Mercer Day Programs, said. “I think we do a really good job with community engagement.”

Making use of the kitchen in the center, attendees will regularly choose a meal to make. After watching some instructional videos, the group goes to the nearby grocery store to pick up everything they need for the recipe. After returning, they will work together to create a delicious meal to share.

In addition to regular visits to grab a slice of pizza, cup of coffee, or load of groceries, the center is endeavoring to increase available opportunities for volunteerism at the center. No matter what is on the calendar, though, the attendees always help to plan their events and outings. Each attendee has an impactful voice at the Mt. Holly Day Program.

One of the most popular partnerships and events that happens at Mt. Holly on a regular basis are visits from Kew of Awesome Music. When Jim Gaven visits, he brings his own instruments and makes use of the instruments at the program to provide entertainment and musical activity for the attendees.