Mercer Day Participant, Matt Suznovich, Selected as a 2022 Miracle League National All-Star Weekend Representative

The folks at Allies’ Mercer Day Program were filled with excitement last month, as they welcomed their friend Matt Suznovich back from a trip of a lifetime. Matt, who is a participant at Mercer Day, was selected to be a 2022 Miracle League National All-Star Weekend Representative. Matt is a baseball aficionado who is very active in the Miracle League of Mercer County.

The Miracle League of Mercer County (MLMC) is a non-profit organization that provides children with special needs an opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league at a specially designed adaptive field. The “Miracle League Field” is the first ADA accessible ball field of its kind in New Jersey. It features a flat synthetic turf to ensure children’s safety, and the bases are painted on the turf to provide a barrier-free surface for those with disabilities.

In addition to enjoying the sport of baseball, Miracle League athletes like Matt get to experience all of the benefits of being part of a team, including supporting teammates and developing positive and encouraging relationships. Their success on the baseball field translates into improved self-esteem and confidence while developing their physical and social skills.

Matt has been a part of this special league for 15 happy years. His mother Diane remarked, “Baseball is Matt’s favorite sport. He’s a big Phillies fan. He really likes being part of a team and batting. He gets excited when he knows there’s a game.”

This year was an exceptional one for Matt, who is also known by his friends at the league as “Matt the Bat” and most recently “The Tennessee Kid.” Matt was selected to attend the Miracle League’s National All-Star weekend event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Only 125 athletes are chosen each year to attend this exciting event, with athletes participating from Miracle Leagues in 20 different states. Diane and her husband Steven were extremely excited to travel to the event with their son.

Diane said, “The weekend kicked off with an Opening Ceremony and dinner outdoors. Athletes received an All-Star T-shirt, hat, and cookies with the Miracle League logo on them. On Friday Matt participated in the “Home Run Derby” assisted by his Dad; and on Saturday he played in an All-Star Game with his buddy Matt from Murfreesboro, TN. The games allowed players of all abilities to participate, and players were supported with wheelchairs or walkers if needed. At the end everyone received an All-Star medal.”

Over the weekend there were also other fun activities planned, including an accessible zip line that Matt really enjoyed riding on. “It was a fantastic experience that was made extra special by rockstar treatment from MLMC President & Executive Director Dan Sczweck, as well as all of the coaches and volunteers,” said Diane.

When Matt arrived back at the Mercer Day Program his friends and staff were thrilled to see him and look at the photos and videos from his trip. Geri Lordi, Director of Vocational Services, Central New Jersey Region, said, “We were all so happy to see Matt again. We put a video from his trip up on the screen and watched it together. We always support each other’s accomplishments and we were so proud of him.”

Whether he’s playing baseball in New Jersey or Tennessee, we’re sure that Matt the Bat will always be an “All-Star” in the eyes of his family and friends. He’s an inspiration to athletes of all abilities.

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Matt Suznovich, 2022 Miracle League National All-Star Weekend Representative

Matt Suznovich, 2022 Miracle League National All-Star Weekend Representative

Matt playing in the All-Star game with his buddy.

Matt enjoyed playing in the All-Star game with his buddy Matt from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Matt with his proud parents Diane and Steven Suznovich.

Matt with his proud parents Diane and Steven Suznovich.

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