Allies, Inc. Celebrates Direct Support Professional Recognition Week September 11-17, 2022

We are so proud of our Direct Support Professionals! This week, we are celebrating them, their hearts, and the vital work they do to support people with special needs. Our DSPs make Allies’ mission come to life through their amazing professionalism and deep commitment to compassionate care. Because of them, adults and children with disabilities can live and work more independently, remain active in their community, and reach their own goals and dreams.

Our DSPs truly are shining stars!

We would like to introduce you to a few of the DSP stars that shine brightly at Allies, Inc. each day.

Bydria Branch
34 Gosselin Group Home, Monmouth County

Bydria is a dedicated Community Support Staff member who has been a part of the Allies family for almost six years. She’s referred to as “Miss B.” by those she serves, and they look forward to her coming to work each day. Bydria excels in communicating and connecting with those in her care and encourages them to give it their all each day. In addition, she ensures the ladies she serves are always clean and looking and feeling their best. Bydria always goes the extra mile – picking up additional shifts, assisting with doctor appointments, and supporting managers with documentation. She does an extraordinary job in everything she does and her Monmouth County team members are very grateful to work with her.



Madeline Pichardo
Junco Group Home, Hunterdon County

Madeline has been a part of the Allies family for three years. As a dedicated Community Support Staff member, she has worked in various residential programs at Allies, most recently transferring to Hunterdon County. Madeline is known for being caring and patient. She makes developing a positive relationship with each individual she serves a high priority; and is respectful and embraces their individuality. Madeline enjoys celebrating the holidays and birthdays of those she cares for, as well as taking them out for leisure activities. In her free time, she often visits individuals in the hospital or rehab to cheer them up. Guardians have praised her for her compassionate care, and enthusiastically invite her to special outings and at times their homes. Madeline’s positive attitude, flexibility, and resiliency are also applauded by her managers and teammates. She has been recognized for her leadership skills and for setting an excellent example for her peers.



Magna Telusma
Mechanic Street Group Home, Morris County

Magna has been a part of the Allies family for over a decade. She goes above and beyond in her role as a Community Support Staff member, and is known for her hard work, charisma, and her dedication to those she serves, as well as her team. Magna’s love for the people she supports is evident in her patience and care, and the bright smile that she shares with them each day. Her managers and staff have recognized her for being a great leader, as well as her sense of humor, ability to tackle tasks and changes with ease, and her beautiful spirit. Parents and guardians also enjoy their interactions with Magna and deeply appreciate her positive attitude and the energy she brings to the home.




Mattie Byrd
Crane Group Home, Ocean County

Mattie has been a part of the Allies family for eleven years as a dedicated Community Support Staff member. Mattie is deeply devoted to ensuring that individuals at the Crane Group Home enjoy a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. She is highly attentive and caring and thrives on making sure that the needs of those she cares for are fulfilled each day. Mattie’s excellent communication skills are an asset to the individuals she serves, as well as those she works with. She is highly respected by her colleagues and the home’s residents. She has been praised for her hard work and going the extra mile in completing any task that needs to be done. Mattie’s strong relationship with her teammates has also been applauded. She always takes the initiative to provide her colleagues with updates and information so that they can provide the best care possible. Every member of the Crane Group Home, individuals and staff alike, are grateful to have Mattie as part of their family.



Mohamed Rafat Siddiqui
24 Marlton Group Home, Salem County

Mohamed has been a part of the Allies family for a little over three years as a Community Support Staff member. He is known for being hardworking and going above and beyond in the care that he provides to individuals. He is always very optimistic, patient, reliable, and possesses the unique ability to work successfully with any individual assigned to him. His passion for his work and sensitivity are evident in the way he prioritizes the safety, respect and care of those he serves. Mohamed also takes pride in ensuring that those he cares for are well-groomed and presentable; giving them haircuts and shaves regularly. He has also been recognized for being a team player and someone that staff can depend on to help provide support and assistance whenever it is needed.



Olusegun Odedji
Project Freedom West Windsor Group Home, Mercer County

Olusegun has been a part of the Allies family for two years as a Community Support Staff member. In his short time with Allies, he’s been recognized for the amazing support that he provides to those he serves. He works hard to provide safety and comfort to everyone in his home. Olusegun cares deeply about those he cares for, taking time to understand their specific needs and wants. He keeps individuals actively engaged through conversations on various topics as well as activities. He is also a wonderful role model to individuals, encouraging them to take pride in themselves. His calm, patient and easy-going personality is appreciated by those he cares for, his coworkers, as well as family members. His sense of humor keeps a smile on everyone’s face. Olusegun has received a great deal of compliments from family members, who look forward to speaking with him. He always shares thorough updates, and families know that he goes above and beyond in his duties to ensure their loved ones are well taken care of.



Rahshan Williams
186 Clubhouse Group Home, Burlington County

Rahshan has been a part of the Allies family for eight months, lending his talent and skills at our Radnor and Donoma Medical Group Homes before coming to Clubhouse. As a Community Support Staff member, he takes a great deal of pride in caring for others and putting a big smile on their faces each day. He places a high emphasis on connecting with those in the home and enjoys talking with them and bonding as they watch a movie together or listen to music. Those he cares for look forward to seeing him and spending time with him. Rahshan plays a huge part in helping those he serves manage their health, including taking people to their doctor appointments as needed. In addition, he makes sure the gentlemen in his home have fresh shaves and haircuts so they look and feel their best. Rahshan has also been applauded by his managers, who say that he surpasses the expectations of his role daily and is a true asset to the team. He is always looking for new ways to support those he serves and reaches out to help others in need regularly.


We thank ALL of our DSPs for their dedication, professionalism and the heartfelt care that they provide each day!

If our stars inspired you, consider learning more about the DSP role and how you can become one. Full-time DSPs currently receive a $1,000 sign on bonus!