Allies Expands Residential Programs with Four New Homes in South Jersey

Allies has expanded their residential program, with the addition of four new homes in South Jersey. The new homes gave 16 individuals a fresh start after formerly living in homes that Allies acquired from Bellwether Behavioral Health. The new Allies homes include Perkintown Group Home in Pedricktown, Marlton Group Home in Pilesgrove, and K Drive Group Home and Pittsfield Group Home, both in Pennsville Twp.

Christine Cocozzo, Vice President, Southern Residential Services at Allies, Inc., remarked, “The new homes provide our individuals with the opportunity to enjoy homes that are more modern, spacious, and comfortable. They will have more privacy and their own individual space for their personal belongings, in a warm, homey atmosphere. I’m so excited for them.”

The moves into K Drive, Pittsfield, and Perkintown Group Homes were completed in December;  followed by Marlton in February. Preparation for the moves started months in advance, with Allies’ maintenance team managing the initial search for the new homes, as well as working closely with realtors, inspectors, and HVAC service technicians. The team also renovated the homes to make them safe and accessible for our individuals, in addition to beautifying them with new lighting fixtures, flooring, vanities, mirrors, and more.

Various teams from Allies worked together to make the moves a success. On the days of the moves, the maintenance team managed the delivery and setup of furniture; and supported residents and staff by hanging televisions and other furnishing to their preference. Residential program staff made sure that individuals were safe and at ease; and brought along any personal belongings each resident requested. Members of the Referral Development team jumped in to make last minute runs to stores, put the finishing touches on the rooms, and ensured that everyone was comfortable.

Each home was furnished with brand new furniture that is not only stylish, but also really comfortable and cozy. Residents also received new furniture and bedding to jazz up their individual bedrooms.

Christine said, “The moves went really smoothly, and our residents did so well during the transition. I returned the day after the moves to see how everyone was doing, and it was heart-warming to see them so happy in their new homes.”

The residents of the new homes had plenty to share as well.

Keli joyfully exclaimed, “This home is awesome! I love my curtains!”

David smiled and said, “I love my new crib.”

Nelson, who is non-verbal, walks around his home all day smiling, and loves sitting at the dining room table and being with his housemates. Prior to the move he sat in his bedroom a lot, so Program Managers were especially pleased to see how the change in environment benefited Nelson. “It was great to see how quickly Nelson warmed up to his new home; and how calm, relaxed and happy he was as he sat in his kitchen,” said Christine.

“Staff really did an incredible job. Making so many things happen on the day of the moves was challenging, but in the end, it was a truly rewarding experience to see them enjoy their new homes,” said Christine.  

After the move-ins were completed, residents were treated to a pizza party to celebrate their new forever homes. Those who moved in December put up their Christmas trees and started decorating with gusto. Allies wishes the residents many happy and healthy years to come making memories in their new homes.

For more information about Allies’ Residential Programs, please contact Meghan Balchak, Director of Admissions/Referral Development, at 609-651-8907 or email

K Drive Group Home in Pennsville Twp.

Keli is happy in her new bedroom.

Stylish furniture and cozy bedding in a bedroom at K Drive.

Staff members Erika Mecchella and Gban Kugmeh-Seh get ready to enjoy a meal with Nelson.

Perkintown Group Home in Pedricktown.

David and staff member Ian Heyward relax in the living room.

Pittsfield Group Home in Pennsville Twp.

Marlton Road Group Home in Pilesgrove.

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