Allies, Inc. Celebrates National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with Social Media Campaign Highlighting Those They Serve

In March, Allies, Inc. celebrated National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with a social media campaign highlighting those they serve. The month helps raise awareness about the inclusion of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) in all facets of community life; and honors their lives and achievements.

Each Monday in March, the agency introduced an Allies resident or day program participant to their Facebook followers. The posts shared vibrant photos of the individuals at work, as well as enjoying some of their favorite hobbies and leisure activities. A bio about each individual gave the public the opportunity to learn about their strengths, talents and what makes them unique. The campaign was well-received, with many followers sharing praise and admiration for the individuals featured.

To view the posts, and meet these inspiring individuals, visit “Allies NJ” on Facebook.

Photo credit: Art by Calvin “Sonny” Clarke of Art Enables in Washington, D.C.

Allies, Inc. is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing housing, healthcare, meaningful employment and recreational activities to people with special needs in the communities of their choice. To learn more, visit

“A world where limitation does not distinguish nor define.”

Contact: Nicole Zamerovsky, Director of Communications, Allies, Inc.
Cell: 609-508-6181