Maintenance Department Recognized for Their Hard Work and Dedication to Allies’ Residences and Facilities

On October 15th, Allies staff recognized the men and women of their Maintenance Department at a small, outdoor gathering. The department was honored for all that they do to maintain, repair and keep Allies’ residences, day programs, and offices safe and operating efficiently.

In addition to maintaining the current homes and facilities, the Maintenance Department also oversees the construction of new homes, manages licensing and fire safety certifications for residences, supervises inspections to ensure that they go smoothly, and maintains a fleet of vehicles used to transport individuals that Allies serves.

At the event, Michael Haggerty, President and CEO of Allies, remarked, “It takes a village working together to be a success. The teamwork and commitment to what we do is illustrated in our Maintenance Department’s hard work, high energy, and dedication each day. We are grateful for all that they do; and are happy to have the opportunity to recognize them.”

As a token of appreciation, each member of the Maintenance Department received a candy-filled glass mug engraved with their name and the Allies logo, along with cards handmade by some of the people that receive Allies services. The cards thanked the department personally for the work that they do and for caring about them. Everyone would agree that the hearts and smiles on the front of the cards were no match for the bright smiles on the Maintenance Department’s faces as they received their gifts.

Thank you to the wonderful men and women in our Maintenance Department! We break it, you fix it, we dream it, and you build it. We appreciate you being a part of the Allies family.

Allies’ Maintenance Department was honored for their commitment to keeping Allies’ residences and facilities safe and operating efficiently.



Each member of the Maintenance Department received a token of appreciation – a handmade card and Allies mug with candies.

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