Allies, Inc. Celebrates Direct Support Professional Recognition Week: September 12-18, 2021

We are so proud of our Direct Support Professionals! This week, we are celebrating them, their hearts, and the vital work they do to support people with special needs. Their knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and deep commitment to compassionate care allow us to help those we serve achieve their own goals and dreams. They have also continued to rise above the challenges of the pandemic, demonstrating amazing courage and resiliency. Our DSPs truly are shining stars!

We would like to introduce you to a few of the DSP stars that shine brightly at Allies, Inc. each day.

Ashley Pemberton
West NY305 Group Home, Hudson County

Ashley has been a part of the Allies family for over five years, working at the Breckenridge apartments and now the West NY305 apartments. Reliable and hard-working, she is dedicated to her role as a Community Support Staff member and those we serve. She goes above and beyond to make sure that everything runs smoothly at her programs, and that the individuals she cares for are well taken care of and are enjoying themselves. Ashley is known for her calm and professional demeanor and is a role model to her peers. She is considered a huge asset to Allies, continuously improves her performance, and is always ready to help anywhere that she can.


Chukwu Paul
Sandy Ridge Group Home, Hunterdon County

Although Chukwu has only been a part of the Allies family for one year, his positive attitude, upbeat personality, and his ability to surpass challenges has quickly earned him the reputation as a valued and exceptional employee. Chukwu excels at de-escalating individuals’ behavioral issues with his low-key and friendly disposition and is respectful and professional in all of his interactions. During the height of the pandemic, he eagerly stepped forward to help cover shifts at homes that needed additional support, showing unwavering commitment. Chukwu is steadfast in his quest to gain more knowledge in the human services field; and has been praised by his program managers for being proactive, hard-working, and setting a really high bar when it comes to quality, compassionate care. He makes a true difference in the lives of those he serves each day; and does so with grace and an affectionate smile that everyone appreciates.


Danielle Comer
Pump Branch Group Home, Camden County

Danielle has been a part of the Allies family for a little over one year, and has been recognized for her compassion, positive energy, generosity, and professionalism. She meets the needs of those she serves with kindness and love, always making their safety and well-being the top priority. Danielle shares a special bond with each individual that she cares for, keeping them engaged with art projects, planning community-based trips, and other activities that are personalized to their unique interests. She continuously receives a high level of praise from colleagues, support coordinators, guardians, and family members for her commitment to excellence, work ethic, dedication, and loyalty. She is proud to do everything that she can to ensure that shifts run smoothly and efficiently, and always takes time for families when they call and visit. She’s an inspiration and role model who makes our work even more rewarding and enjoyable as she demonstrates the Allies mission each day.


Elisha Lomax
Salem/Beckett Day Program, Salem County

Elisha has been a part of the Allies family for two years; and is an outstanding team member that always shows a high level of care, patience, and professionalism when working with individuals. As a Community Integration Support Staff member, he works at our Salem Day Program as well as within a residential setting. Elisha shines in supervising and engaging with those he serves; and has built a strong and admirable rapport with each of them. They love to be around him as he always shows a sense of positivity and excitement. He is known for his expertise in supporting individuals – providing comfort through difficult times and helping them develop and strengthen their social and communication skills. Elisha continues to enhance his own skills as he grows within the company and looks forward to helping more people make positive changes in their own lives.


Esther Eliscar
Central Ave. Group Home, Union County

Esther has been a part of the Allies family for almost five years and is known for being a loyal, responsible, and caring team member with a deep commitment to those we serve. She is meticulous in ensuring that individuals are safe, healthy, and happy, and that new staff members are well-trained on each individual’s routine, behavioral challenges, and unique needs. Esther is curious and an avid learner, always asking questions in a quest to learn more. Guardians frequently praise her for being helpful, polite, and respectful; and note that she goes above and beyond for those she cares for, especially when they are ill or in need of special assistance. Her compassionate heart is truly remarkable.




Izuchukwu Okorom
Unity Group Home, Monmouth County

Izuchukwu “Prince” Okorom has been a part of the Allies family for almost three years and always goes the extra mile for those in his care and the tasks at hand. Prince treats every individual that we serve with respect, dignity, and compassion; and has developed unique and extraordinary relationships with each of them. Managers have shared that it’s a pleasure to see him interact with the men and women in his care. He embodies the phrase, “lead by example,” by stepping up to train and assist new hires, he is a team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions that bring out the best in others. Prince’s incredible dedication is an inspiration to staff and at the Unity Group Home, and he’s considered a tremendous asset to the team and a pleasure to work beside.


Kaitlyn Hauser
Colt Group Home, Ocean County

Kaitlyn has been a part of the Allies family for four months, and in a short time has become known as a reliable, dependable, and hard-working staff member. She provides extraordinary care for those she serves and is a great multi-tasker. Kaitlyn can always be found with a smile on her face; and is greatly valued for her skills in providing compassionate care, as well as her warm personality which is contagious. She’s a positive role model for both people she cares for and her coworkers; and she is often sought out by her peers for advice and support. She is admired for her genuine willingness to help others and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.





Maira Vargas
Shore Day Program/Bayshore Group Home, Ocean County

Maira has been a part of the Allies family for almost two years and has been consistent in her dependability and professionalism as she provides top care for the individuals at the program and home that she supports. She has a phenomenal ability to connect with those she serves, which is evident in the way they light up and smile when she arrives at work. Her support and enthusiasm create a cooperative atmosphere and motivates them to joyfully participate in activities. Maira has played a vital role in helping Bayshore Group Home rise above health and behavioral challenges, while she provides the highest quality of care to the residents. Her depth of care has elevated the dynamics in the home, and her work performance has made her a role model for other Community Integration Support Staff. She continually strives to progress in her own professional development, and she inspires others to do the same.


Mariama Jalloh
789 Rt 45 Group Home, Salem County

Mariama has been a part of the Allies family for two years and is known for her “top notch” dedication to serving the individuals in the home that she supports. She always takes the time to understand individuals and build a positive rapport with them, as well as the staff that she works with. Mariama is also skilled in managing challenging situations and resolving issues so that the home runs efficiently and everyone is well cared for and happy.






Mijorie Dossous
Mercer Day Program, Mercer County

Mijorie has been a part of the Allies family for eight years and brings over 15 years of social services experience to her role at the Mercer Day Program. She has done an excellent job providing a continuation of quality care throughout the pandemic – adapting to changes, remaining positive, finding solutions to challenges, and stepping in to support residential services when needed. She consistently demonstrates patience, boundless energy, and kindness each day. Mijorie genuinely enjoys making the individuals that she supports happy, and is dedicated to ensuring they are comfortable, acknowledged, and feel understood. She understands and values the power of sharing a smile, kind word or listening ear, and reflects this when connecting with those she serves and her colleagues. Her manager says that Mijorie reminds her of a favorite quote by Mother Teresa: “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.” Mijorie no doubt puts a lot of love and care into her role at Allies.


Miya Nicole Ross
Clover Group Home, Mercer County

Miya has been a part of the Allies family for three years. Miya has worked at various programs within Mercer County and currently shares her expertise and caring heart at Clover Group Home. Time and time again, she proves herself to be a devoted member of the Community Support Staff at Allies. Her passion for her job and working with individuals with developmental disabilities is evident in her smile each day. She’s viewed as a true asset to the group home she supports, for the way she provides compassionate care and demonstrates outstanding leadership.




Neil Sharon
Old Bridge 116 Group Home, Middlesex County

Neil has been a part of the Allies family for over a decade, providing exceptional support and care at several homes across Middlesex and Monmouth County. He is a deeply committed staff member that does all he can to ensure that the needs of the individuals in his care are met. Neil takes great pride in caring for those he serves; and is admired for the relationships and bond that he builds with them. He has become a team leader in his program, with staff looking up to him and often referring to him for assistance and guidance.



Wanda Haggard
Living Springs Group Home, Burlington County

Wanda has been a part of the Allies family for 13 years and is a shining example of giving your best in everything that you do. She always arrives at work cheerful and full of energy, with a smile on her face that makes everyone around her happy. Wanda treats everyone she meets with respect, courtesy, and dignity, and those she cares for view her as a family member because of her warmth, understanding and compassion. She surpasses the expectations of her role, always doing more and looking for ways to reach out and help others in need. Wanda is resilient and steadfast when faced with a challenge; and leaves no stone unturned in her goal to provide remarkable care and spread happiness to the individuals that she serves.


We thank ALL of our DSPs for their dedication. Because of them, individuals we serve remain healthy and safe, can live with greater independence, remain active in the community, and lead more fulfilling lives.

If our stars inspired you, consider learning more about the DSP role and how you can become one. Full-time DSPs currently receive a $1,000 sign on bonus!