Allies’ Crisis Stabilization and Assessment Program Receives Special Gifts from the Local Community

This spring our Crisis Stabilization and Assessment Program (CSAP) received a very special donation of eight brand, new desks thanks to the generosity of the Jarrett family, and a group of local volunteers and businesses.  

CSAP is an out-of-home program that provides short-term treatment for males and females between the ages of 11-17 years old diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. The goal of CSAP is to provide support through treatment and education that encompasses and empowers children and their entire family.

The desks were built by Amber and Matt Jarrett, and their son Nathan, along with a team of 70 community volunteers. Amber, a schoolteacher, recognized that home schooling during the pandemic increased students’ need for a personal home workspace. So, she and her family rallied the community to help fill this important need.

Matt designed the desks to be environmentally conscious and solid. He wanted students to be proud of it, and for families to utilize them even after the pandemic was over. With plywood donated by Lowe’s and Home Depot, along with supplies from 60 other donors, the Jarrett family and volunteers built 114 desks. Allies was the lucky recipient of eight of them.

“My husband Matt and I were so happy to be able to help out Allies! We love what their organization is doing to help children and families,” said Amber.

Michael D. Haggerty, President and CEO of Allies, remarked, “The desks are beautifully crafted and the children in our CSAP are very grateful to have their own personal workspaces, which will support them as they continue remote learning. We are deeply thankful to the Jarrett family for organizing this wonderful project, as well as the local volunteers, donors, Lowe’s, and Home Depot who helped make it all possible.”

Matt and Amber Jarrett with one of the eight desks that they hand-crafted and donated to CSAP to help support students with their remote learning.

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