Allies, Inc. Hosts First Annual Nurse Appreciation Event

In recognition of National Nurses Month, Allies, Inc. hosted their first annual Nurse Appreciation Event at their headquarters on May 12. Our regional nurses, along with the Executive Team and other staff members, honored our “2021 Nurse of the Year” – Susan Maina, LPN of the Old Bridge Medical Group Home.

Susan Maina, LPN receives the “2021 Nurse of the Year” award from Michael Haggerty, President and CEO of Allies.

This special award is given to a nurse that demonstrates extraordinary dedication, leadership, compassion, teamwork, a positive attitude, dependability, and strives for continual growth and learning. This nurse also excels at, and has a deep passion for, advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs.

Upon receiving her award, Susan remarked, “I worked never knowing that someone was observing me. I did not know this award was going to come. But it feels good that people recognized my work and appreciated me. It gives me the motivation to want to do even more.”

In addition to a special lunch and gift bags, the event featured Lisa Rogers, a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner from The Center for Emotional Freedom. EFT, also known as “Tapping,” is a powerful holistic healing technique that has been proven to effectively resolve stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues. Through a virtual presentation, Lisa shared an overview of EFT, its benefits, and demonstrated how it can be used to support staff in their professional and personal lives.

Lisa Rogers, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, shared a virtual presentation on EFT to help give nurses the tools to combat stress and protect their                emotional and physical health.

Marge Conner-Levin, Senior Vice President of Health Services at Allies said, “Our nurses give so much to the individuals that they care for. We wanted to give back to them; and provide them with tools they can use to help reduce stress and protect their own mental and physical health.”

At the event’s close, Michael Haggerty, President and CEO of Allies, thanked the nurses for all that they do each day. Michael said, “Nursing is such an admirable profession. Nurses help make a person feel better, both physically as well as emotionally. With our uniquely fragile population, the skillset that you have is critical to their success. We are deeply thankful to have you as part of the Allies family, and we look forward to working with you for many more years to come.”

Allies regional nursing team congratulate Susan on her award.

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