Allies hosts first behavior specialist appreciation day

Allies, Inc. successfully hosted a behavior specialist appreciation day in honor of the amazing behavior health specialists that make possible the work we do every day.

The day was scheduled to occur on World Behavior Analysis day.

To show appreciation, Allies planned a full day of uplifting activities to intended to help our incredible behavior specialists maintain and nourish their physical and mental wellness. The day kicked off with scheduled chair massages. Following the massages, the specialists gathered for a catered lunch.

Finally, attendees were treated to a seminar educating them about the importance of self-care and the benefits of incorporating those lessons into practice during daily life. Marissa Winters, MA, RDN, RMT, MIEP, NBC-HWC, of The Center for Conscious Care, spoke to attendees about Radical Self-Care, and how they can incorporate those strategies into their daily lives.

“We had an opportunity on the first day of spring to plant our seeds to find ways to ensure that we find our ‘best selves,’ be our best selves, and build awareness of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self,” Dawn King, vice president of integrated healthcare at Allies, said. “The behaviorists were provided with techniques to empower them with ways they can prevent compassion fatigue, burnout, moral distress and emotional labor.”

King added, “We now have the tools to ensure that our best selves show up every day so that we can help our individuals find their best selves.”