Allies Names Latoya Martin a 2023 NJACP Community STAR

Allies, Inc. is proud to name Latoya Martin as our 2023 “NJACP Community STAR.” Latoya has been a part of the Allies family since 2019.

As a member of The New Jersey Association of Community Providers (NJACP), Allies participates in their annual STARS Awards celebration each year. The STARS Awards provide organizations the opportunity to recognize one individual with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that has overcome challenges and achieved success towards reaching their full potential. This year Allies was excited to name Latoya Martin.

During her time receiving Allies’ residential supports, we have seen tremendous progress from Latoya in many ways. She’s learned to initiate and engage in conversations with her staff and peers in a positive and friendly manner, often while sharing a bubbly and warm smile.

She has also effectively implemented strategies to support her emotional well-being, including self-regulation and relaxation techniques.

Latoya has also taken an active role in managing her physical health, attending doctor’s appointments, setting up follow-up appointments, and ensuring that she follows her doctor’s guidance to maintain her wellness.

With the support of her behavior specialist and other Allies staff, she has also worked hard to express her goals, needs, likes and dislikes in a positive way. This has led to better communication and connections with her family, friends, staff, and peers at the day program she attends.

Shynaqua Jarvis, an Executive Director at Allies, said, “I am ecstatic that Latoya has been named our 2023 NJACP Community STAR. We are so happy to celebrate her accomplishments. She’s joined groups within her community and grown to participate more in her health. Latoya has a great team of support around her who will continue to guide her and help her grow.”

Latoya was honored at a luncheon at Allies’ administrative offices on April 17th, where Phil Monetti, Chief Operating Officer at Allies, presented Latoya with her STARS Award. Phil remarked, “Latoya is an example of how determination and courage can positively impact one’s life. She made a commitment to work through challenges, and what some might consider barriers, to achieve more independence and live a happier life. We are very proud of Latoya’s accomplishments and look forward to being a part of the next phase in her continued growth.”

Latoya smiled when she was presented with her award and said that receiving it made her happy and proud. She smiled even more brightly when she saw a special cake with her lovely face on it surrounded by pink roses. Pink is her favorite color.

After the presentation, Michael Haggerty, President and CEO at Allies, congratulated Latoya personally for all of the progress that she has made in the last few years. He also recognized her staff for the support and guidance they’ve provided her. Michael handed Latoya a special bag with gift cards inside, much to Latoya’s delight. She was very excited at the thought of going shopping – one of her favorite past times. Latoya also enjoys arts & crafts, coloring, playing puzzle games, chatting with friends and family and making vanilla flavored ice cream from scratch in her free time.

Everyone at Allies is so proud of Latoya for her continued growth, self-advocacy, desire to take control of her health, and her determination to create a life experience that brings happiness to herself and others. We wish her continued success in all of her endeavors. Way to go Latoya!

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Latoya Martin 2023 NJACP Community STAR

Allies proudly named Latoya Martin as their 2023 NJACP Community STAR on April 17th.

Allies Staff Honors Latoya Martin 2023 NJACP Star

From left to right: Anil Singh, V.P. Residential Services; Ifeoluwa Oladele, Exec. Assistant/Board Secretary; Phil Monetti, Chief Operating Officer; Michael Haggerty, President and CEO; Latoya Martin, 2023 NJACP Community STAR; Taneshia Allen, Support Manager; Tayana Ceus, Community Support Staff; Shynaqua Jarvis, Executive Director.

Cake for Latoya Martin 2023 NJACP Community STAR

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