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Supports Program Services

Supports Program Services Offered by Allies, Inc.

  • Day Habilitation
  • Prevocational Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Community Inclusion
  • Interpreter Services
  • Community Based Supports
  • In-Home Supports
  • Behavioral Supports
  • Career Planning
  • Transportation
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The Allies Approach to Support Services

Allies, Inc. offers many diverse and community oriented services under the Division of Developmental Disabilities Supports Program.  Our program options continuously grow and evolve to meet the needs of our community, and we encourage you to contact us for an in-depth overview of our services.  

We provide various program activities under the service categories of Day Habilitation, Prevocational Training, Community Inclusion, Supported Employment, and more. While each of our Supports services can be accessed independently when an individual is developing their personal schedule, we offer several program locations which provide two or more of our Supports services on site.  This allows participants to cycle between activities and services that are of interest to them, and have been identified in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP), creating a full day while under the auspices of one Provider Agency.

This type of customizable programming meets the support needs of many different individuals. It allows participants to build stamina, determine areas of interest or skill, participate in community volunteerism, and explore employment while still being able to engage in arts, culture, and leisure activities.  It is our belief that everyone we serve has ability – a skill, talent or area of interest to pursue – and learning how to develop it through supported programming fosters independence.

Allies, Inc. Mission Statement
Allies progressive services foster independence for children and adults with diverse needs by building bridges between challenge and opportunity.

Offering Day Habilitation and Prevocational Training Throughout New Jersey:       

  • Flemington Day Program – Flemington, NJ
  • Green Brook Day Program – Green Brook, NJ
  • Mercer Day Program – West Windsor, NJ
  • Mt. Holly Day Program – Mt. Holly, NJ
  • Salem Day Program – Mannington, NJ
  • Shore Day Program – Barnegat, NJ
  • Wall Day Program – Wall Twp., NJ

Day Habilitation

Accessible Art , Movement & Music Exploration

Includes Music and Art Therapy, Performances by Professionals in the Community,  Dance & Fitness, Creation of Artworks from Repurposed Materials, and more.

Life Skills

Building of interpersonal skills, personal hygiene, money handling, and more which will enable those we serve to access their community as independently as possible.

 Day Evening and Weekend Community Based Leisure Activities

Group outings to museums, plays, festivals, restaurants and much more! Offered weeknights and weekends. 

Horticultural Therapy

Offered onsite at the Project Grown Garden located on the campus of Mercer County Community College by certified Horticultural Therapists.

And much more!

Small Group Supported Employment

Allies, Inc. offers paid, small group supported employment in our community based boutiques. Individuals have the opportunity to organize, display and create product, conduct sales, provide customer services and more! Contact us to learn about the specific job industries!

Prevocational Training

Community Based Volunteerism Opportunities with Staff Support
Designed to meet the individual interests and needs of those we serve, exploring possible career paths and building employment skills.

Financial Literacy
Understanding a Paycheck and Learning about the Banking System

Workplace Readiness Activities
Includes Modules on Appropriate Workplace Dress, Communication and More

Individual Supported Employment

Individualized, person-centered employment services delivered one-on-one to help you secure competitive employment in the community or advance within your current job or industry.

Community Inclusion

Small group outings to community events and activities, geared specifically towards the interests of our participants.


We offer transportation to and from specific outings and events, as well as between our program sites. Please contact us for specific information and availability.

The Allies, Inc. Supports Program is growing every day! Please contact us to learn about all the different services we currently offer!

Allies Programs Currently Offering Supports Services

While each of our Supports Services can be accessed independently, we offer several programs which currently provide 2 or more of our services. Often this allows participants to cycle between activities and services that are of interest to them, and have been identified in their ISP, creating seamlessly full and rich day.

Mercer Day

Support Services Offered: Day Habilitation and Prevocational Training

Mercer Day is a nearly entirely community based offering which features a daily combination of community trips and outings, designed to build life and leisure skills, and community based volunteerism. 

An example of a typical day may include a morning visit to the local fitness center, followed by a trip to purchase ingredients for lunch and hand on instruction to prepare it, completed by volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Project Grow

Support Service Offered: Day Habilitation and Prevocational Training

Project Grow is a community garden located on the campus of Mercer County Community College. Certified Horticultural Therapists provide therapeutic activities as well as gardening for leisure.  Fresh produce and herbs are featured in nutritional education and meal preparation lessons. Participants also participate in farm sales!

Participants of other Allies, Inc. programs often visit Project Grow as a satellite site for day habilitation activities.