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Allies Residential Services

Jenny’s Story

Allies Residential Department offers self-directed services that allow people and their families to customize the support they need.  For one person it may be services that allow them to keep their son or daughter in their home, for others it may be the assistance they need to move out on their own.

Allies has developed over 150 homes within 20 counties throughout the State of New Jersey for people with special needs to live in.  The best part of working with us to find a home is that people make their own decisions on where they want to settle and whether they want to live alone or with other people.  Our services range from the most intense small group home for individuals in need of 24-hour nursing services to individuals who are supported in their own homes.  Nothing differentiates them from their neighbors except that they may have someone from Allies in their home to take care of their day-to-day medical needs, to provide transportation to the grocery store, or just to make sure they are safe.  Whether they rent, own or share supports with others; their homes are just like everyone else’s.  They are about the people who live there and their unique needs, hopes, dreams and desires.

If you are interested in learning more about Allies residential services, please contact Anil Singh.