Nicole LaMotta


Nicole LaMotta has found her passion!

Nicole LaMotta

Nicole proudly displays a sampling of her hand-knitted hats.

Once she gets started, there is no stopping Nicole LaMotta. After moving into an Independent Living Complex in Old Bridge, supported by Allies Nicole discovered that she enjoys knitting and sewing. Aided by her mother, as well as staff, Nicole started making blankets. The blankets were a big hit and were quickly gobbled up on site. While continuing to take orders for her blankets, Nicole decided to learn how to make hats, then scarves and more recently shirts! Nicole made hats for all of her family and friends last Christmas. Since she had made so many hats, she had a lot left over so she decided to donate them. She continues to make a lot of hats. “She will donate about a dozen at a time,” said Megan McCullough, Program Manager of Allies in Old Bridge. “Everyone is so excited when they see Nicole.”

They are delighted with Nicole’s donations at The Center for Great Expectations in Somerset.

“On behalf of the Center for Great Expectations, I would like to thank you for donation of beautiful homemade hats,” wrote Noreen Whittemore, manager of Community Outreach, in a letter to Nicole. “Thank you for giving us the chance to help these mothers and children, and thank you for your commitment to the Center and the mission we live each day.”

Many others have noted Nicole’s high level of commitment. Among the many people who sing her praises are Jennifer Ruggiero and Angela Marshall of the Diocese of Metuchen Office of Respect for Life.

“What we love about Nicole is that she is a cheerful volunteer. We are especially grateful for her steady commitment and her hard work ethic. Everyone here at the diocesan center is always glad to see Nicole, say hello and exchange a friendly smile. We do not know what we would do without them!”

She likes to complete puzzles and hang them on the wall of her apartment. She also likes to watch TV, read, play cards, cook and go swimming. She loves to go to Hobby Lobby and at times she will join a crafting group. Nicole’s favorite stores include Joanna, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

A graduate of Woodbridge High School, Nicole dreams of opening her own store one day and says she would like to be rich, and then she will hire a maid to do all of the cleaning!

Her plans include trying to get a table at a flea market to sell her crafts. She wants everyone to know they can buy her items!

Nicole says she likes living in her apartment and she loves her nurses. And, she likes being the boss!

Every year she participates in the flea market at the Craft Fair and she sells her items to doctors and their families and friends to donate to Women Center for Create expectation. She also sells her items at JFK hospital for new born babies to have hats, as well as their cancer patients!