Jorge Murphy

Beating the Odds! Jorge Murphy is feeling pretty good…

Jorge cover photo

Jorge proudly wears his prize medals including the First-place Gold in bowling.

Jorge, who lives in the Pump Branch House located in Berlin, N.J., recently overcame his nervousness to win a top prize while competing against some of the best bowlers in New Jersey.
Jorge said he was inspired to begin bowling because he wanted to win first place and prove that he can achieve something when he puts his mind to it. He chose bowling because that’s his favorite Special Olympic sport.

Jorge began his bowling career in 2012. He was in the Special Olympics tournament in March of 2013 and won third place. Jorge began training in October 2013 for the March 2014 tournament which took place in New Brunswick. He said he was nervous because he was bowling against the best in the state. He won first place with scores of 96, 112 and 120. “I felt good and happy and energetic because I have never won first place before,” Jorge said.

He appreciated that his teammates were patting him on his back and congratulating him. He also appreciates all the help and kindness of others, especially Mr. James (former house manager).

“Bowling was a lot of fun,” said Jorge, who is still surprised and excited that he won. His favorite moment of the bowling season was taking a picture with a teacher-assistant from his school (Burlington County Special Services) with him and his gold medal after his big win.

He had a lot of support from the staff who work with Jorge at his home. He says “thank you God I had them, always telling me I can do it.” Jorge celebrated with the Manager of Pump Branch by going out to lunch. Click to read more of Jorge’s Story.

Jorge is in the process of choosing a school to continue his education; but in the meantime, has created a DJ business where he enjoyed DJ’ing for others!