Allies helps young girl and others follow their dreams…

Read about how Allies helps those with special needs and developmental disabilities become part of their communities and follow their dreams, like 10 year-old Megan …click to read the NJTV story! Megan-in-Winning-Dress-225x300

A little of Megan’s story…

Allies’ Fashion Show planner, Kelly Beach learned of a young girl’s dream to be a model but she and her MOM were having a hard time connecting to a local modeling school open to models of all abilities. Megan has been diagnosed with autism.

In keeping with Allies’ mission and vision, Megan was invited to join Allies’ 2014 Fashion Show line up and take a small step toward following her dream! This will make her the youngest model to walk our runway and she is so excited to be doing so and the Allies’ family is too!

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